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The Outsider Perspective

Add Hegele as an extension of your team and he will uncover hidden opportunities, help you confront ignored problems, and build stronger teams at all levels of your organization. How does he do this? Hegele creates clarity on where you are and helps you discover where you want to go and how you are going to get there. He builds trust and exposes the areas of conflict that you were previously blind to, and he returns with honest, genuine feedback which leads to measurable improvements.

Hegele’s academic and real world expertise allows him to quickly and effectively build trust to ask the important questions and develop a clear understanding of any situation. His ability to quickly and accurately assess current circumstances is a skill many clients appreciate, respect, and rely on when they bring Hegele on board. However, it is his ability to clearly, articulately, succinctly and powerfully communicate his understanding of situations that helps all members of the organization get on the same page.

Candid Conversation

Clients will tell you that Hegele is the grain of sand in the oyster that produces the pearl — he is the agitator that brings meaningful, illusive change and growth. He facilitates a process that allows people to step out of their comfort zones by showing them the truth and opportunity they have not previously seen or acknowledged. Hegele ignites change by engaging in honest, candid and relevant conversations, and by asking the provocative, and uncomfortable questions that no one else has thought of or had the courage to ask. His direct, no nonsense approach draws out opportunities, barriers, and solutions that have not been available or identified up until now.

Keynote Speaker

Insightful, dynamic, entertaining, funny, thought provoking, provocative, innovative, thoughtful, articulate, passionate, powerful, and at times unsettling. Hegele pushes past the traditional “informational” and “motivational” presentation or “talk”. Hegele showcases his expertise as a dynamic and thoughtful presenter and leaves his audiences with a deeper understanding of their strengths, opportunities, purpose/vision, and goals. He has spoken across the country and internationally for literally every industry.

After experiencing one of Hegele’s presentations firsthand, organizations realize he is more than just a gifted platform speaker. They recognize the potential of partnering with him to work “on” and “in” the business. Many times organizations often ask him back to work with them and their teams to integrate and deploy ideas and concepts from the presentations. Hegele is not just a rare and dynamic speaker, his true worth as a presenter lies in the fact that he is ultimately focused and effective at helping others apply ideas and opportunities from the presentations to real life. These real life applications allow people to be more productive and effective in their personal and professional lives, and experience a quality of life and level of confidence they have not experienced before.

Facilitation and Engagement

Hegele’s primary objective is to facilitate a process where every participant is fully engaged — a process that improves clarity of the current versus desired circumstance and outcomes. Hegele has built a career and a reputation by what he can add to an organizations’ or individuals’ skillset and performance. His “Signature Move” however, is what he is able to pull out of a person or group of people. Where possible and appropriate, Hegele’s process will engage the entire organization, top to bottom, side to side, inside and outside.

A Value Proposition with Guaranteed ROI

Hegele is able to deliver world class training in many organizational core competencies. Over his career he has been certified as a Trainer by Dale Carnegie Training and Ken Blanchard Companies in the areas of Leadership, Sales, High Impact Presentations, High Performance Teams, and Customer Service. Hegele also designs and delivers many Customized Corporate training programs.

Hegele works with executive and leadership teams, senior leaders, Board of Directors and ownership to build a culture and organizational structure to attract and retain the best employees in the market. He works with them to improve processes and systems to maximize quality, costs efficiency, and innovation by clarifying expectations and improving accountability.

Some of Hegele’s highest impact work happens when he works side by side with all employees in the organization to help them improve their individual performance by coaching them on ways to change their approach and thus change their results. Training happens in the classroom — coaching happens in real time.

Hegele is very effective at standing in front of groups, large and small, and engaging them in open conversations on the delicate and at times controversial topics within organizations and teams that are holding people back and perpetuating conflict and division. The result of these open conversations results in less distraction and greater trust and clarity moving forward.

The entire Hegele approach is built around the process of improving many of the soft skills in the organization resulting in tangible results clearly visible in individual and organizational performance.

The bottom line… The cost/fee/investment of this resource is typically less than the annual expense of an average employee.The benefits and return on your investment is almost immediate and multiplies itself many times in the future.

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People Are Talking About Hegele

“A direct, no nonsense communicator that can rock your business world for success.”
- Owner of National Automotive Products Company
“Hegele helped us to see things from the outside looking in!”
- Banking Senior Credit Officer
“Steve is effective in conflict resolution. He is able to cut to the chase, deal with the issues and help team members see issues differently.”
- CEO of $1B Bank
“Our communication has improved 100%… Our whole company culture has changed for the better this year.”
- Sales Manager