Provocative. Effective. Engaging.

Add Hegele as an extension of your team and they will uncover hidden opportunities, build stronger teams, and ignite the culture,  at all levels of your organization.

Unlike Anything You've Ever Experienced...

And you won't have to repeat self-affirmation phrases or break wooden boards to prove it.

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From Industry meetings, to corporate events and retreats; whether it be informational, educational, or for entertainment, no matter what or where, Hegele conducts inspiring, stimulating, and exciting interactions, involving and engaging the listeners and audience.

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Essential, critical core skills developed and applied in unique and modern ways that stand out in the marketplace. This is NOT manual driven, so toss out the books. There will NOT be role-playing either - it's about engaging people about the business, it's products, and their customers.

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A proven, dynamic approach to strategic planning, executive development and more assessing the needs of an individual or team and customizing a plan targeting critical issues. Discover the difference between sales training and sales strategy, leadership training and leadership development.

Marketing & Content

Creatively and analytically driven, customer oriented. Without overthinking it. A modern approach to marketing combining world class content and data driven decisions, with a mature and clever focus. We exist at the intersection of real and meta.

Strategy & Branding

Hegele builds a better business strategy and market disrupting branding approach. Gain market share, energize the brand, and elevate customer satisfaction to customer delight. This involves a holistic, omni-channel approach to the business DNA.


Customer Experience

If you don't know what UX/CX stands for - we should talk...Our difference is our ability to help you powerfully communicate and implement the psychology behind customer purchase patterns and trends. Starting with the businesses #1 customer - the employee.


Igniting Change

Combining Soft Skills and Hard Skills

  • A high impact interaction that gets people involved intellectually, psychologically, emotionally.
  • Our interactive methodology leads to disruption of thought, patterns, and flow. Disruption drives change, growth and innovation.
  • You can't execute on strategy without culture. Culture exists in the DNA of the brand/business.
  • We facilitate a process that invites and challenges people to exist and operate out of their comfort zones.
  • Honest, candid and relevant conversations, by asking the provocative, and stimulating questions that no one else cared enough, or had the courage to ask.
  • Direct, no nonsense approach (aka real and raw), draws out opportunities, barriers, needs and solutions that have not been available or identified up until now.


Content. Delivered.

Generating quality content is a major hurdle for many businesses. Content is King, and delivery is Queen (and we all know who wears the pants), luckily we know both. By utilizing industry leading gear and software, we can help deliver the King, Queen, and Ace of Spades.

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Value Proposition

Value = Benefit - Cost

Benefit - An external resource that can support or act as many functions of the business.

Cost - The cost/fee/investment of this resource is less than the annual expense of an FTE.


"Steve is very passionate when interacting with his clients and this translates into 110% engagement. His unique approach to training and leading planning sessions results in thorough and exceptional outcomes.”

Steel Industry

“A direct, no nonsense communicator that can rock your business world for success. He did it for ours and we couldn't be more happy of the work he has done with our team and organization”

Chief Credit Officer

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Hegele's expertise in communication, commitment, energy, and relationships is what differentiates them from every other consultant, speaker, coach, trainer, and organizational development firm on the market.

Single Day Training up to multi-year retainers, digital and/or in-person available for booking.

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